Kahu Simmonds has set up and developed
our client base in Christchurch.

Our general law practice is committed to providing
quality legal advice to our clients on a broad range of issues.
Whether you have a specific legal issue that needs to be dealt with
or a range of legal issues that need to be taken care of, we can help you.

  • Residential Conveyancing



    You will need expert advice, particularly in the Christchurch market. We have dealt with many conveyancing transactions in Christchurch and are on top of the ongoing earthquake issues.    We deal with many first home buyers and, in all cases, we educate clients on the process so it isn’t so overwhelming.





    There are usually important deadlines in sale and purchase agreements. Missing those can cause you to miss out on a purchase. We work to a programme and will keep on top of deadlines.  We’re not going to be ready in 24 hours but we’ll have you ready before the deadline. 





    In most cases, we’ll be able to give you a fixed price for your sale, purchase or re-mortgage subject to our engagement letter terms.   This has proved very popular particularly for first home buyers.

  • Business Sales & Purchases



    Our team has the experience and skills to provide a seamless and transparent path through the sale or purchase of any business. We’ll quickly scope the big legal issues and assess the related risks before you choose to proceed. Essentially we’re practical and here to help you get what you want. We’re not going to be difficult with the other professional parties to the point that the deal is at risk.





    Business transactions can involve numerous complex and industry-specific issues to work through. With your help, we’ll keep in front of those instead of raising them with you on the day of a deadline. 




    We have experience in transactions relating to motels, petrol stations, shops, cafés, restaurants, plumbing and electrician businesses.


    Recent notable transactions include:

    • Purchase of a motel business on the West Coast with finance.

    • Purchase of a café in Central Christchurch.

    • Sale of a medical supply business to an employee.

    • Sale of a busy café in North Canterbury.

    • Sale of shares in a real estate agency.

    • Sale of a restaurant in Riccarton.

    • Advising a purchaser of a franchised café in Christchurch.

    • Sale of a hearing business with numerous clinics.

  • Building Contracts



    Renovating, repairing or building a new house? We can provide a quick and simple review of the building contract. We’ve done it plenty of times. We’ve worked on the industry standard contract forms and know that there are 5 or 6 big traps in those forms.  We only focus on those and generally the good builders are willing to negotiate. 





    We understand that the contract is usually the last piece of the puzzle. By the time it has issued, you’ve already agreed the specifications, pricing and other matters. You want to sign quickly so you can lock the builder in on timing and price. We’ll move quickly and achieve deadlines.   

  • Commercial Property & Leasing


    Our team has the experience and skills to help you whether it’s a purchase, sale, auction, lease, subdivision, or property finance.  We know it’s a given that you’ll expect excellent advice.  We’re aware of the usual traps in specific transactions.  Where we’re different is we’ll not waste time on technical legal points that aren’t important to you. We won’t give you long-winded reporting letters.  We’ll put our energy into the important issues and do our best to resolve those. Our sole focus will be on getting you to your goal without any surprises.




    Property transactions generally require lawyers to move fairly quickly.  We’ll keep on top of the key dates, talk to you a lot, and ensure the deal stays on track. 





    We are experienced in transactions relating to office buildings, including purchases off-the-plans, shops and units in shopping malls, pubs and restaurants, sports and leisure venues, motels, industrial buildings and warehouses, and farms.

    Kahu's recent transactions include:

    • Subdivision of existing lots in Christchurch.

    • Sale of a Bar in Christchurch Central.

    • Sale of land and buildings in North Canterbury that house a cafe.

    • Negotiating a lease for a new burger store in Christchurch.

    • Purchase of a multi-site Burger business in Christchurch.

    • General advice on the risks of leases for prospective tenants and business owners.

  • Business Owners



    Generally we can help with the business law needs for small to medium sized businesses.  We are experts in the following areas:


    • Business re-financing.

    • Setting up structures including constitutions, shareholder agreements and partnership agreements.

    • Drafting terms and conditions.

    • Reviewing supply contracts and distribution agreements.

    • Reviewing buy/sell agreements.

    • Commercial property and leasing.

    • Business sale or purchase.

    • Employment issues.



Give Kahu Simmonds a call on 0277 209160 to discuss what you’re thinking of doing
or to arrange a free consultation. 
We are based in Auckland and Christchurch but, with technology,
we can service all of the country.

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